Adult Jumping Castles

Make sure you plan your next big event with an Adult Jumping Castle

Have you got an 18th or 21st birthday party planned, well you need to hire an Adult Jumping Castle to add to the excitement. Adults are like big kids and they need fun too.  The Gold Coast is a vibrant place and adding an Adult Jumping Castle to your event will amaze your friends with a huge wow factor.  There are various sizes and types of adult jumping castles that will fit in your backyard at the Gold Coast.  You can race your mates around the jumping castles, jump through the obstacle courses and expel all of your energy. If you are the competitive type then the interactive jumping castles will suit you like the Bungee Runs, Gladiator Rings and Sumo Suits for hire.  

Take on your best mates in the Gladiator Ring

Your Gold Coast party has started and the Gladiator Ring jumping castle is set and ready to go.  You put together who’s versing who and then you’re off.  You are holding the jousting poles to protect yourself, but your mate has a big swing and you’re over.  This Gladiator Ring is not for the faint hearted.  It is a big 6x6m ring so you need to get back up, take focus and take hold of this situation.  It’s your party and you hired the Gladiator Ring jumping Castle so you want to show all how it’s done.  You always wanted to knock your mates over in a safe environment, and they will want to too.  After being removed from the gladiator ring center podium a few times it’s time to move over and see who else can be the Gladiator Ring champ.  No matter who wins by adding these jumping castles to your Gold Coast party will be a hit. 

Who’s the fasted around the combo Adult Jumping Castles

Need that little extra something for your next Party at the Gold Coast?  Something your friends will talk about for ages? Then order the 5in1 combo Adult Jumping Castles for your Gold Coast back yard. Turn the duke box on and lets the party start. The Adult Jumping Castles will energise your mates with the log obstacles, pop up obstacles and the 3 basketball hoops. You will be chasing each other around the jumping castle, knocking each other through the logs, then first up the stairs and down the slide to the start is the winner.  The 5in1 combo adult jumping castle is a huge 6.5m x 7m in size so you won’t miss it.  You can play different games on this adult jumping castle with the 3 basketball hoops, like round the world, best longest shot and for the winner give prizes out.  I’m sure your friends will want an Adult Jumping Castle at their next Gold Coast event. 

Sumo Suits for your next party?

Ever thought of Sumo Suits to entertainment your Gold Coast private event or party? They will certainly drawer a crowd.  Put the Sumo Suits over your head and put your helmet on and go.  Your opponent is to be pushed and moved out of the centre circle and then you are the winner.  These Sumo Suit are for hire at the Gold Coast and are easy to use. There is a 4m x 4m padded mat for your fall and an easy pack away at the end of the night.  You can laugh and reminisce at the end of the party of the good times using the Sumo Suits for hire. 

The Boxing Ring jumping castle is awaiting your entry!

So you all think you are boxing ring champions? This Gold Coast Boxing Ring will sort out the men from the boys.  The very large oversized gloves are so funny top see.  The boxing ring feels like the real thing, you are chasing your opponent in the ring, ducking, weaving and swinging the huge boxing gloves so you can stay for all the full rounds.  The children want a go too so you exit the boxing ring for a rest.  You well deserve the rest, you’re not as young as you used to be. The full sized 6m x 6m boxing ring is a must for all the Gold Coast boxing and energetic people.   

Bungee Run V’s other interactive Jumping Castles!

Surprisingly we have more than just the Bungee Run.  Other interactive jumping castles are the Sticky Wall, Gladiator Ring, Boxing Ring and Sumo Suits.  But the Bungee Run is a lot of fun. The 10m long bungee run has duel lanes and a strap that goes around your waist. You run to the other end and the person who places the velcro bean bag the furthest is the winner.   The feeling when you get pulled backwards is amazing.  You just want to do it again and again.  This Bungee Run jumping castle has been to many Gold Coast events and if you see it again you can settle the score from last time!  See you at the next bungee run hire. 

Waterslides for Adults = more fun

Ever been to a party where adults are allowed to go on the Waterslides?  This is rarely is allowed.  The Adult Duel Lane Waterslide by Gold Coast Jumping Castles is a dedicated Adult Waterslide.  It is custom made to suit the bigger people and not only lets the little kids have fun.  It is 10m long and 4m wide with duel lanes, so let the fun begin.  Turn on the water tap and let the sprinkler loose on the jumping castle.  Race your colleges to end of the Adult waterslide and start all over again. It adds hours of entertainment to your birthday party and it will be a line up on who’s next to go on it. Either way you will be worn out by the end of the day.  This Gold Coast Waterslide is very hot property so book early to avoid disappointment.

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