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Our Teenage and Adult Sumo Suits are made to a HIGH QUALITY in England, and not made in China!! There is a big difference is padding and Safety. Ours go over your head and slide down & don't have legs to climb into. Legs are hard to get in & out of and waists time.  These will add hours of entertainment to your party.  The idea is to stay in the centre circle and knock your opponent out.  The Adult Sumo Suits come with safety mats, suits x2 and head gear.  These Sumo wrestling suits are ideal for that Bucks night, 21st or any occassion.  The sumo suits are idealy suitable for children 14years to Adults.   Supplying Sumo Suits for the Brisbane area. Start your next party with Sumo Suits from Brisbane Jumping Castles.

Castle Dimensions:
Length: 5m, Width: 5m
Area Required:6m x 6m
4 Hrs - $290
7 Hrs - $325
Overnight - $355
SUPERVISION per Hr if required: - $40
Sunday: - $55
                    		Sumo Mats and gear3
Sumo Mats and gear
                    		Sumo Suits wrestling7
                    		Sumo Suits wrestling8
                    		Sumo Suits wrestling9

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